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his documentation is provided to give the user a better understanding of how watershed processes are simulated in WAM. It consists of three integrated manuals including the basic information for the user, a technical manual that discusses the specific algorithms used in the model, and a developers manual that includes information necessary to customize and extend WAM. Lastly, it also provides a tutorial section that steps the user through the setup of a watershed, editing parameters, running the model and reviewing the output results.

Note: If the content of the help file cannot be viewed, in Windows Explorer, right click on the file WAM_Documentation.chm and select Properties.  On the General tab, near the bottom, click on the Unblock button.


User Manual:

The WAM User Manual is provided to assist a user in understanding the interface environment and how it is used to setup, run and review a watershed simulation. Throughout the manual the interface is described and the map features and model parameters that are edited with different components of the interface is discussed.  

For each model input parameter, a screenshot is provided of where in the interface the parameter can be accessed and links provided to the relevant section in the Technical Manual, Default Parameter Classifications, Data Flow Diagram and the Developers Manuals. The User Manual can be considered a central point from which to explore WAM and how data is manipulated by the user, simulated in the model and stored in the databases.

The Technical Manual:

The Technical Manual provides details that allow a user to identify what algorithms or numerical methods are used with which model parameters to simulate each of the physical processes. Flow diagrams are used to illustrate the modeling procedure used by WAM and identify the processes that are described and discussed to give a reader a holistic and transparent justification of the science behind the model. Any assumptions made for each of the simulated processes is identified and discussed.

Developers Manual:

The WAM Developers Manual is provided to allow advanced users to be able to understand the structure and input/output files of the model code, the schema of the database(s) and to expose the default parameters sets provided with WAM. The Developers Manual provides details on; the Model Code, Default Parameter Values, Data Flow Diagrams, Folder and File Structures, and the text based Model Input Files.