Water Resource Permitting

We have worked closely with regulatory agencies on the development and evaluation of agricultural and industrial environmental compliance with the goal of minimizing impacts on the surface and groundwater resources of Florida. Our expertise and familiarity with these agencies has enabled us to efficiently assist private operations in obtaining permits even under difficult conditions by developing defensible solutions. SWET has worked with the following agencies in permitting processes including:

  • Florida Water Management Districts
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • US-EPA
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Department of Transportation

As with our technical planning, our preparation of formal statements and assessments in fulfillment of regulatory requirements draws on our recognized expertise and rapport with regulators. Through our efforts, our clients have benefited from reduced time to completion and approval, innovative and cost-effective satisfaction of agency requirements, and effective integration of future plans for the particular resource.



Strategic Planning

Our planning services emphasize environmentally sound practices for sustainable use of resources without depleting, eroding, or otherwise damaging the site or surrounding areas while maximizing economic return for the owner. Our expert knowledge of Sustainable Development and Best Management Practices (BMPs) emphasize economically viable and beneficial use of natural resources. BMPs must maintain the financial vitality of the operation while meeting acceptable, regulated environmental standards to decrease the negative impacts to the environment of the site and surrounding areas. This is often achieved through the development of a regulated conservation plan that identifies the most appropriate management activities to maximize the use of natural resources without jeopardizing availability to future generations.

Expert Witness

SWET has provided technical evaluation and expert testimony in several cases of legal conflict including animal waste permit hearings, flood damages, and ground and surface water contaminant transport. We use our excellent reputation of unbiased and ethical decision making to defend the credibility we have established in our areas of expertise.


Policy Development

Often regulations can be modified to achieve the policy objective, while minimizing the impact on continuing and potential economic development. SWET has extensive experience in the rule making process and assessing regulatory ramifications on environmental compliance and operational costs. SWET has been involved in all aspects of policy development, including:

  • problem definition and agenda setting
  • policy formulation
  • policy legitimation
  • policy evaluation/policy change

We have also had experience working with grass-root organizations to both explain how policies or regulations may affect them, as well as use the feedback from these experiences to mold policies around their objectives.